Plinko Strategies

The Plinko game came from the American television series The New Price is Right. Basically, all you have to do is throw a Plinko “balloon” and let gravity do its work to show the winnings you get in the end.
It’s a simple game that doesn’t require complex thinking.

In today’s review we will devote – the most popular strategies Plinko.

The right strategies and tips to win at Plinko

Plinko is a lottery based on chance, so there is no one-size-fits-all strategy that can be used.

The game is all about getting into the middle slot to win big rewards.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t useful strategies that maximize your chances of winning huge cash prizes on the Plinko board. Here are some of the strategies that can help you become a Plinko master.

Place the chip in the center

One way to ensure that you win a decent reward, despite its random odds, is to always put a chip in the center. This does not guarantee that you will hit the middle slot, but it increases the chances that the chip will bounce to a position with a decent reward.

Applying this strategy may not give you the chance to win the biggest payout in the center slot, but it will maximize your winnings over several betting rounds.

Plinko’s Ladder Strategy

Before you start playing with this strategy – make sure you have the right amount of funds in the balance, you need to have a bankroll of 500 or more standard bets.

The task of the player – to put a standard bet, if it is not “came up” – in the next game to put two bets, and so on, up to the convenient amount for the player.

This strategy does not guarantee a 100% winnings, because gambling Plinko equipped with modern levels of security, there is a system of random numbers – Random Number Generator.

According to winning statistics – 42.8% of players using this strategy win more than 200-300 bets in a standard playing session.

Number of Lines

One of the features of Plinko – the choice of the number of “slots” ie lines in which you can win money.
The standard number of “slots ” is 8, the maximum is 16. The more “slots” you have, the more the final winnings will be, up to 2500 x.

Your task is to choose the minimum number of lines, then slowly put 1 standard bet, with each winning x3 – increase the number of lines up to 16, remember – the more “slots” in the playing field – the less chance to win a big prize at 1 bet.

The strategy is recommended to players with a large bankroll, because the drawdown in the bankroll can be up to 100 standard bets player.

Drop the chip 3 to 4 divisions from the center.

Another strategy that players use most often when playing Plinko is to throw a chip a few cells away from the center position. Many users find that the chips tend to bounce a lot and are unlikely to move down one straight line, which increases the chances of hitting the center slot.

Always consider your bankroll

An often-overlooked casino strategy, you should always consider your bankroll when choosing your gaming strategy.
That’s because your ability to play depends on the money in your bankroll.

How to play correctly for Plinko? You must realize that the more money you lose, the smaller your bankroll becomes. To keep your game going, you need to win money and keep track of your remaining balance.

Make low stakes and set limits

There is no guarantee that you will hit the branch with the maximum multiplier when you play Plinko, because of its ties. Because Plinko is a provably fair game that runs on a random number generator, it is impossible to predict where a chip will land.

By placing low stakes and setting limits for your bankroll, you can strategize your betting. There are also different casinos where you can maximize your winnings by using various loyalty programs, additional bonuses when playing at Plinko.

Don’t try to get even

Some casino players often think that even if they lose countless times, things will change and they will eventually win.
Never get into a “putty” with the idea of getting your money back.
If you do, the cycle of losing will continue, and you will end up with more money than you could afford in this game.

It’s important to learn to stop in one moment, yes, it’s hard and gives your pride a nasty blow. Nevertheless, ending it and picking up where you left off the next time you play is not only noble, but wise. After all, we all know – players lose control and lose more than the amount they planned to spend.

Plinko Strategy’s Bottom Line

Despite the many different “strategies” on the web, there is no such thing as a winning strategy.
After all, the game Plinko has a license, security certificates – which eliminates the possibility of somehow predict the game, together with the Random Number Generator (RNG) game is fair.

The most relevant strategies we described above, do not forget that the “randomness” factor can occur even in the most profitable strategy.

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