Plinko Demo

Plinko Demo is a trial game without any investment. You just practice to understand the mechanisms and functions of this beautiful game!

While many developers tend to focus all their attention on creating online slot games that follow traditional routes, although they do add some special modifiers to make them more appealing, others take a completely alternative route.

Plinko Demo

That’s what BGaming did, introducing the slot Plinko Demo, which in fact is not a slot at all. It is a simple game of chance from a developer based on a popular television game show that was at the height of popularity in America in the eighties. It originates from The Price is Right, and this online version allows you to win up to 1,000 times your bet. It also has an RTP rate of 99% and offers up to 16 ways to win.

Plinko Demo – the essence of the game

Plinko Demo does not have any basic theme other than Plinko itself. This game has been around since the 1970s and is a board with pegs in the shape of a pyramid. The gameplay begins with a ball being thrown from above, which bounces down from the pegs. It then falls into the pocket, from which the payout occurs.

Plinko Demo

In this respect, the BGaming release is quite simple at its core, and this is displayed in a screen that shows simple colors and features. There is little else to say about the topic or the way it is framed. Another game that is not really a slot is Slingo Deal or No Deal by Slingo Originals.

Plinko demo – before you play in the casino

You also won’t find any symbols as such in the game. And that’s another reason why it can’t be called a Plinko Demo video slot, because it’s just not a slot at all. The only moving feature of the game is the ball that falls from the top of the screen when you use the Play button.

Plinko Demo
  • At the bottom of the pyramid of clothespins are different areas in which the ball can go.
  • The closer to the edges these areas are, the higher the payments for them.
  • The zones in the center are the zones with a smaller payout, marked in green, while the zones with a larger payout are displayed in red.
Plinko - play casino

Plinko for real money

Betting at Plinko is very easy:

  1. To do this, use the + and – buttons at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to choose a bet from €1 to €100 per round.
  2. You can also use the Max button to instantly reach the maximum bet, and you have the option to bet manually or turn on autoplay.
  3. In addition, the Min button reduces the bet to the lowest level. The RTP ratio in Plinko is 99%, which should be taken into account when choosing a bet.

Trying Plinko Demo you can understand the essence of the game and be surprised at how simple and clear it is.

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