Plinko Pin Up

Pin Up Casino offers you to play Plinko online!

Pin Up Casino offers an attractive and comfortable service for its guests. There are 1,400 variants of machines to choose from, which allow you to play with different currencies: dollars or euros.

Plinko Pin Up

Plinko XY at Pin-Up Casino

And if you prefer to bet for money, not for time, as in the slots, where players take turns spinning the reels, pressing button A, located near the screen of monitor B – Game “Plinko” was specially created so that people who prefer gambling entertainment can enjoy it too!

Plinko is pure luck, which depends solely on your choices. That’s the beauty of this game. Here you have more opportunities to decide the outcome of the game.

At Pin-Up Casino is available Plinko XY – an alternative version of Plinko, slightly different from the original slot, but with the same mechanics and rules. Plinko Pin Up is an acclaimed game that offers an exciting series of games with stunning graphics and visuals, nice rewards for playing them, and a 200% bonus on your first deposit.

Plinko casino – the essence and rules of the game

The essence of the game is simple:

  • All you have to do is select an option from 1-100 euros and press play, then watch your betting start to take effect!
  • There’s also a special Auto Spin option that allows users to choose the number of spins, 10 of which is enough for those who don’t know what they’re doing at this table… or maybe like to have something extra on hand when they win big 🙂
  • The ball machine is a modern gold mine. Every round counts, and even though the return percentage may be lower than 1k1 (and sometimes much worse), it’s always worth your time to try for the big prize!
  • The maximum prize values for the slot machine depends on the number of selected rows. They can range from 8 to 16, as well as depending on volatility – which is set personally by participants who wish to have a low or high risk when betting!

Plinko is a fair game, and you can see for yourself the reliability of each round. You can make sure that all results are obtained using a random number generator, which guarantees a level playing field!

Plinko Pin Up casino promo code

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