Plinko 1xbet

Plinko 1xbet
Plinko 1xbet

Plinko 1xBet is a game of chance in which the ball falls from above, hitting obstacles and changing its trajectory. The farther away from the center it bounces during this process, the bigger your winnings will be!

It is simple enough to understand, but has some options that make the game more exciting than it may seem at first glance

Plinko 1xbet

Plinko 1xbet is a game redesigned for online casinos in which you throw balls into metal tubes that can deflect them from falling directly.

The online version, although very similar in many ways to its offline counterpart, has one major difference – there are buttons for players in the form of bets and everything happens online! You will be able to bet virtually any amount from 1 ruble minimum to 10K+ rubles at a time, depending on how much risk appetite shines through your name on the screen.

Plinko 1xbet – features of the game

Plinko, a game that many have heard of but haven’t played yet. It’s easy to see how it works:

  • the player chooses the bet size and height, which determines the odds in the cells along the edge;
  • The 8-row pyramid has 3 1/2 times more room per tube than the 16-row (57 vs. 24), so you will get better returns if you choose this option!

You can also find out where online casinos offer gambling or play plinko at 1xbet.

Plinko 1xbet
plinko bonus

Plinko 1xbet

The site 1xBet is a great place to find new games, because it has many different sections with all sorts of options. You can look for specific types or modes, such as classic mode, career mode, and others!

Plinko 1xbet: Bets on Plinko 1xbet start at just one ruble. You can choose the height of your pyramid: 8 is a small bet, and 16 is a big bet, for those who are ready to bet more money!

Plinko 1xbet
Plinko 1xbet

A distinctive feature of Plinko 1xbet is that additional bets can be made through the cells, where the ball will fly – so, if you bet on the corner cell in an eight-row structure, then expect to win 6,000 times the original bet
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Basic information about Plinko slot

provider: BGAMINGLaunch date:
19 June 2019
Number of lines:
Max. multiplier:
Min. rate:
Max. rate:
Free online:
Bonuses and features:
Changing the rilset
Mobile version:
Type of game:
Other types
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Plinko 1xBet is one of the many games at 1xBet Casino. You can deposit and withdraw money any way you want, including cryptocurrencies!

Plinko is a new slot machine from BGAMING that was launched on June 19, 2019. It is available in demo mode, where you can familiarize yourself with all its features and read our review before you play for real money!

The casino plinko bgaming has no analogues among the slots. All rounds in Plinko are winnable. However, the winnings can be less or more than the bet: from x0.2 to x1000 bets. RTP reaches 99%.

Plinko 1xbet Demo

The principle of the video slot Plinko very simple. So much so that you can’t say that the game comes with any inclusive special modifiers. Instead, you choose a bet, determine the level of risk you want to see in the game, and set the ball to drop from the top. It will then land in one of the base areas and provide the appropriate payout. You adjust the number of lines the ball will fall on, and this increases both the risk and the potential payout by the end. That’s all you need to play Plinko.

Learn all about this online release from BGaming by reading our full Plinko slot review. And open it below in free play mode to see how it works for you in demo mode.

You also won’t find any symbols as such in the game. And that’s another reason why it can’t be called a Plinko video slot, because it’s just not a slot at all. The only moving feature of the game is the ball that falls from the top of the screen when you use the Play button. At the bottom of the pyramid of clothespins are different areas in which the ball can go. The closer to the edges these areas are, the higher the payments for them. The zones in the center are the zones with a smaller payout, marked in green, while the zones with a larger payout are displayed in red.

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